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What Are Anxiety and Depression?

It is expected to feel anxious when you start a new job, take a test, or move to a new place. Yes, it feels unpleasant, but it helps to motivate you to work harder while doing better. So, it is a typical mood disorder, but it does go away.

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Hence, it does not interfere with your daily life. But if you develop an anxiety disorder, it brings a mood instability of fear that is with you the whole time.

Those feelings become more intense, leaving you with overwhelming emotions. Those anxious feelings lead to you stopping doing those things you enjoy.

In some extreme circumstances, it can prevent you from walking outside, using an elevator, or even going out and leaving your residence.

Left untreated, it can worsen, leading to depression, as the two are closely related.

What Causes Anxiety to Lead to Depression?

Worrying about things others usually do not see as a problem can become a compulsive disorder. The truth is you cannot do anything about your feelings, which escalates life transitions you cannot handle. Our anxiety therapists have noticed in some cases the following happening:

It is a life cycle in which people find themselves anxious, and the thoughts of worry step in. People start feeling bad as they get a sense of failure, and then they start slipping into depression.

Is Your Life Out of Control?

A Licensed Therapist Can Help!

The most challenging consideration is to seek the help of a Chicago therapist for anxiety. Here are some signs informing you that you need help from a professional.

  • You cannot pursue your everyday life goals as stress and fear make it difficult to keep up with your daily routine.
  • You feel overwhelmed by a major life event needing to make a decision.
  • You panic about your future and stay up at night obsessing about it.
  • You find it difficult to focus and replay conversations in your mind and wonder if you could have done things differently.
  • Or you face difficult life transitions changing schools or a career and wondering how everyone will react to your decision.
  • Not eating properly or sleeping and feeling irritable with others while avoiding friendships, starting to feel isolated.

The above signs lead to physical and mental exhaustion, allowing you not to relax, and your health starts suffering. You feel powerless as life feels out of control. If you do not have someone to turn to, you may have mental health conditions and other addictive behaviors. Talk to our mental health counselor today.

“My mate passed away, and I started to cringe  inside myself. I blamed myself sinking deeper into a self-hate and despair. My health suffered, and  a friend took me to an anxiety therapist. Couples Therapy Of Chicago understood, and after a few anxiety therapy sessions, I snapped out of it.”

- C Gable

Symptoms of Anxiety & Depression

The symptoms below are signs that you may suffer from an anxiety disorder leading to depression in some cases. There are times you can suffer from both:

  • Constantly stressing and having fears
  • A transformation in your eating habits, eating too much or too little
  • A persistent emotion of sorrow or self-worthlessness
  • A lack of welfare in activities or hobbies
  • Constantly tired and feeling irritable
  • Unable to sleep and do not feel relaxed while getting panic attacks

Physical Signs can be:

  • Headaches & Tiredness
  • Difficulty breathing with rapid heartbeats
  • Night sweats and Hot flushes
Anxiety Counseling Chicago IL 60622

Warnings Signs Not to Be Ignored

If you or another person suffers from the above physical symptoms trying to fight anxiety or depression. It would be best if you also looked at other warning signs that can result in addiction behaviors as follow:

  • Drinking or Substance Abuse
  • Extreme mood swings
  • The lack of daily hygiene and self-care and no intention to get out of bed
  • Can be aggressive, violent, or displays a threatening behavior
  • Mention of suicide as there is no reason to live
  • They can seem confused and have hallucinations

There is Recovery For Anxiety and Depression

Both these symptoms are treatable and need to be treated simultaneously. Still, both treatment for anxiety sufferers needs to be done by a qualified therapist. The collaborative process works best done together. You need not suffer, and you should contact one of our therapists to discuss your anxiety and depression in a safe and non-judgmental space.

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Exercise – this has been shown to fend off the effects of anxiety and depression for up to 12 hours and the chemicals which are released into the body can give a person that “Feel Good Factor”

Practicing Relaxation – both mindfulness and meditation, can both ease symptoms of depression and anxiety, and will in the process improve an overall quality of life.

CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) – is commonly used in treating anxiety disorders and depression. This can help people learn how to manage any fears, anxieties, and symptoms of depression. It also helps people how to manage their emotions.

Antidepressant Medication – these can be prescribed to treat either condition and are used alongside CBT.

Therapy Sessions - Organizations which offer mental health services or therapy, these can include hospitals or support groups in your local community.

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