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Stress you find triggered everywhere, from your family life, work, and the economy to friends. But, of course, the sources of stress vary in each person's daily life, as even international relations, health, to politics can cause anxiety.

Still, you can overcome your chronic stress with a stress management technique made available by us. With some help, you can get personal growth to enjoy a balanced and healthy life.

The surprising thing is that stress is not always bad, as small amounts can provide you with added energy. Moreover, it keeps you concentrating and attentive during those times of need.

But when your stress levels persist, leaving you overwhelmed, it turns into bad stress, and you cannot function normally.

Stress Affects Your Health Chicago IL 60622

What Causes Stress?

Well, the result of stress can be triggered by many things that, include the following:

  • A new school or job
  • A breakup with a partner or friend
  • A newborn child
  • Your financial status changes
  • A child starting college or even dating
  • Exams or a job loss to a promotion
  • Health concerns about chronic illness
  • Pregnancy to infertility
  • Getting married or relationship struggles
  • Separation from a divorce
  • Starting a new business or moving/selling a new home

Many of the above can result in stress, but the amounts of stress caused to vary. However, when constant pressure for periods can result in more damage than good. For this reason, it helps to discuss your potential stress with one of our stress management Chicago counselors.

"I had a wonderful enterprise but then everything went downhill and the debts started piling up. The stress put on me made me turn to Couples Therapy of Chicago to help. While they could not pay my debt they did help me with ways to handle it."

- M Rourke

Stress Can Affect Your Health 

When you have unnecessary stress for a long time, it can affect your life and time. Research shows that high-stress levels are linked to the following:

  • Sleeplessness
  • Self-medicating using drugs or becoming addicted to alcohol
  • Your mental health changes
  • Not productive in your daily life
  • Your relationship with others starts to fail
  • You get headaches leading to migraine
  • You have anger issues from anxiety or depression
  • No partaking in social activities

When you resolve your stress, many of the symptoms above lessen. Still, if it continues, the chance is that your stress will take over your life. You will get very sick, and best to get professional help.

Stress Management Chicago IL 60622

Do You Need Stress Counseling?

Whether you have health concerns resulting from stress or not, you can benefit from a stress management counseling session in Chicago. When you reduce your stress, it can help improve your health and mood.

Here at Couples Therapy of Chicago, we provide stress management counseling to handle your daily stressful life. Our therapists will help you with techniques to reduce your stress levels. Our treatment plans are customized according to your needs.

So schedule time with us today that fits in with your lifestyle and needs so that we can get your life back on track.

What Causes Stress Chicago IL 60622
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